Bannon Endorses Roy Moore

Bannon Endorses Roy Moore August 29, 2017

White supremacist Steve Bannon is backing Christian fascist Roy Moore to replace unreconstructed racist Jeff Sessions in the Senate from the state of Alabama. The line of people the least bit surprised by this starts to the right, and should be very short.


During a closed-door meeting with powerful conservatives in Washington last week, Bannon declared that he’s supporting former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore over Trump-endorsed incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, according to two people who were present. Bannon, who just over a week ago left the White House to rejoin the conservative website Breitbart News, said that he is looking to activate the conservative base to Moore’s cause.

Appearing before a meeting of the secretive Conservative Action Project, Bannon made it clear that he supported Moore, a favorite among evangelicals, but was careful not to cast it as a break with the president. Rather, he said, it was an act of opposition toward Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is supporting Strange and has made the race a top political priority.

Bannon presented the late September primary runoff as a defining battle between the conservative base and the GOP establishment, saying that it pit those who elected Trump against those who resisted him.

Guess who else endorses Moore? Sarah Palin, because of course she does. They are apparently just fine with endorsing a man who has literally called for the execution of gay people by the state. You would think that such a position would make one untouchable in politics in 2017, but this is the Republican party we’re talking about. Major presidential candidates will appear on stage and have cordial conversations with people like Kevin Swanson, who also wants the government to slaughter gay people, and major figures on the right will happily endorse such barbarism. If this surprises you in the least, you haven’t been paying attention.

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