FRC Fellow: Satan Leading Revolution Against Trump

FRC Fellow: Satan Leading Revolution Against Trump September 1, 2017

The “Family” Research Council is really little more than a random collection of fringe right-wing cranks who really hate gay people at this point. One of its “senior fellows,” Robert Maginnis, has a new book out that says Satan is leading a leftist revolution against Donald Trump.


Maginnis said that “when you begin to piece all this together,” it is obvious that these forces are collaborating with the media and “you begin to see that there is truly a revolution that is taking place, it’s a revolution that may be below the horizon of most people, but it’s a true revolution.”

Left-wing activists, media outlets, and globalist organizations are staging events aimed at destabilizing the nation and delegitimizing Trump, Maginnis warned. “This is a revolution and it’s very serious.”

After asserting that President Obama “was a deep-stater, as deep as they come, recruited by the Bilderberger Foundation [sic],” Maginnis proclaimed that “once you have all the facts before you,” it becomes perfectly clear that “there is a demonic, occultic spiritual dimension that we know, as Christians, is real and alive and it is pulling the strings behind the scenes.”

If Satan is trying to get Trump out of office, count me as on Satan’s side. If God wanted to do enormous damage to the United States, he could hardly have done anything more effective than putting Donald Trump in a position of power over a Dairy Queen, much less the entire country. Satan 1, God 0.

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