Alveda King: Trump Lets Us Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Again!

Alveda King: Trump Lets Us Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Again! September 3, 2017

Alveda King, the utterly ridiculous niece of Martin Luther King, who is a far-right political activist, went on Jim Bakker’s show and absurdly claimed that Trump has made it possible for Christians to say “Merry Christmas” again. As if there were anything stopping them before.


“This is something I have fought for my whole life,” Bakker said. “I don’t think a lot of even church people know the regulations on church; we’re not really allowed to preach on a lot of stuff we do preach on, but he said, ‘You’re never going to be stopped as long as I’m president.”

King responded by claiming that because of the Johnson Amendment, 501(c)(3) organizations like churches “couldn’t say, ‘Jesus’” or even preach the Gospel, which was something that Trump vowed to immediately remedy if elected.

“When he was running for office, he said, ‘Christians, you have all the power. Use it. We need to say Merry Christmas again,’” King said. “And one of the first things he made sure we could do was say Merry Christmas again.”

Really? He made sure of that? Tell me, you ignorant git, what law or policy did he change? What was preventing you from saying Merry Christmas before that? I’m an atheist and people say Merry Christmas to me thousands of times a year (and I’m perfectly fine with that, by the way). This idiotic obsession these people have with persecution that simply does not exist clearly knows no bounds. They invent an entire alternate reality in order to justify pretending to be martyrs. One wonders what they would ever do if they had to face real persecution.

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