MI Bus Driver Keeps Job After Racist Slurs

MI Bus Driver Keeps Job After Racist Slurs September 29, 2017

A school bus driver in Livingston County, Michigan — ground zero for the KKK in this state — was suspended for two weeks but will keep her job after many racist posts were found on her Facebook page, including responding to a video of a black woman by saying “that’s a nigger.”


Sharon Kimberly, a Hartland resident and substitute bus driver employed by the Livingston Educational Services Agency, will have a written reprimand placed in her personnel file, an unpaid suspension of at least two weeks, and will be required to complete racial sensitivity training and will be retrained on board policies, LESA Superintendent Mike Hubert said…

The investigation into Kimberly began after she posted the comment in response to a viral video of a black woman, which was widely shared by various news outlets under headlines including “Video shows angry woman’s rant over service dog in restaurant.”

The Sept. 21 post in the comments section beneath a share of the video read “That’s a (racial slur).”

Kimberly tried to claim that she would have said the same thing if the woman in the video had been white. And if you believe that, you’re a moron. Her Facebook page also contained images of the Confederate flag, which she claimed stood for “Through the blood of Christ, with protection of God, We, the 13 states, are united in our Christian fight for liberty.” But nah, she’s not really a racist.

Livingston County is only 1% black and there’s a reason for that. It has long been the home of the KKK in this state, as well as other white supremacist groups and militias. That’s where Christian Identity pastor Robert Miles, the godfather of today’s white supremacist push for “ethno-states,” had his church until he died. I’m not sure if it’s still going or if it died with him. So it’s no surprise that officials there wouldn’t take this seriously and would think it’s okay to have someone like that in a position of authority over school children.

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