Pratt: Vegas Shooter ‘Thought the Same as Most Muslims’

Pratt: Vegas Shooter ‘Thought the Same as Most Muslims’ October 6, 2017

Larry Pratt, founder of Gun Owners of America, a group that is so extreme that they think the NRA are a bunch of pansy appeasers, went on a talk show and said that whether the Vegas shooter was Muslim or not, he “thought the same as most Muslims.”


After speculating on the weaponry that the shooter could have used in the massacre, Pratt said, “When a guy is evil, it doesn’t mean he’s stupid, it just means he doesn’t care about anybody else. And in a case like this guy, whether he was Muslim or not, he thought the same as most Muslims. He wants to kill unbelievers. He wants to kill people that he doesn’t like. Maybe he just didn’t like Las Vegas—I don’t know, and it probably doesn’t matter.”

He wants to kill unbelievers? In what universe, exactly? Half the wingnuts are claiming that he was an unbeliever and that he did this because he’s an atheist (without evidence, of course) and Pratt is claiming that he wants to kill unbelievers (again, without evidence). And what does any of that have to do with Muslims? This is like some sort of stupid Wingnut madlibs.

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