Wiles: No Right to Worship Lucifer in America

Wiles: No Right to Worship Lucifer in America October 11, 2017

Deranged right-wing radio talk show host Rick Wiles thinks America is a Christian theocracy where only Christians have the right to religious freedom. He told another wingnut host that this is true because America was founded by Christians, as if that makes it a theocracy.


Wiles said that our society “has been sterilized of God” and “Satan is now coming in to fill the vacuum” and is outraged by reports that city officials in Boca Raton, Florida, are allowing a satanic display to be erected in a city park during the holiday season. The display is meant to protest the Christian displays that are erected in the park around Christmas and Wiles is furious that city officials are allowing this to happen because satanists do not have any rights whatsoever.

“What is happening to this country?” Wiles asked. “We’ve lost our mind. And the city council and the mayor say, ‘Well, these satanists have their rights too.’ No, they don’t. They don’t have any rights. You don’t have the right to worship Lucifer. I’m sorry, but this country was founded by Christians, you don’t have the right to worship Lucifer in this country. You’re going to bring damnation and judgment on the nation.”

What do you suppose Wiles would say about Thomas Jefferson? Jefferson believed that Jesus was not only not divine, but never claimed to be. He called the writers of the gospels a “band of dupes and impostors.” He called the God of the Old Testament “cruel, capricious, vindictive and unjust.” He denied the trinity, the virgin birth, the atonement, the idea of original sin and all claims of miracles. Wiles would not only not consider him a Christian, he would condemn him as a heretic and a heathen. Same with John Adams, Ben Franklin and several other founders (though most were Christian to one degree or another). In fact, that’s what the wingnuts of that day did say about Jefferson.

But none of this matters because it’s not a non-sequitur. Even if every single one of the people who created this country was a Christian, it would not logically follow that only Christians have religious freedom or that they created a Christian theocracy.

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