Christian Fascist Blames Vegas Shooting on Antifa

Christian Fascist Blames Vegas Shooting on Antifa October 14, 2017

David Whitney, the Christian Reconstructionist and chaplain for Michael Peroutka’s badly misnamed Institute on the Constitution, says that the Vegas shooter was a member of Antifa and that this is the beginning of that group committing mass violence against Christians.


One thing is clear: the godless communists hate their opponents and want them dead. So that all fits with an unusual series of statements made by leftist leaders about two months ago. Leftists such as Al Gore, and former deputy director of the CIA, and former deputy director of the FBI, as well as Michael Moore and other Democrats have all said on national TV that a violent revolution is coming to America in Oct 2017. How did they know that precisely 100 years after the leftist in our country and Britain financed and directed the violent overthrow of the Russian government, there would be a violent attempted overthrow of the United States government? How did they know?

Antifa now says they are prepared to begin killing people in mass in a race war. What October 1st in Las Vegas tells us is that the attempted revolution has actually begun.

Uh, no. There is no such declaration from Antifa, a loosely-affiliated group at best. I’m not a fan of Antifa’s tactics, but they have now become the right’s boogeyman du jour and are being accused of all kinds of ridiculous things that simply aren’t true. Whitney provides not a single quote from anyone involved with Antifa saying they are going to start “killing people in mass in a race war.” But you know who does say that? White supremacists. The kind that Whitney himself links to with approval in this article (, specifically).

Antifa is an organization filled with hatred for other human beings. Violent hatred as demonstrated repeatedly throughout the election season and then in Berkeley and other so-called protests. (And very clearly at Charlottesville where they came prepared to violently attack those all who were not Antifa.) Now if the story we are being told is accurate, one of the mass murderers of Las Vegas was Antifa.

Story being told by whom, exactly? Oh yeah, crackpots like you, who falsely claim that the shooter was seen at an anti-Trump rally and then immediately leap to claiming he was part of Antifa, a group that protests at marches put on by fascists, not merely at anti-Trump rallies. This is how such myths get started. Someone makes a ridiculous claim, it ricochets around the wingnutosphere and comes out the other end as a confirmed fact when there was never a shred of evidence for it to start with. But that doesn’t stop people like Whitney from seizing on it and building a huge conspiracy theory out of the whole thing.

The conscience of these mass murderers was completely dead. Their souls were dead, they were moral nihilist, they were and are human monsters. That is what happens when the love of Christ is rejected.

The hatred the world has for Christ followers should not surprise us. Antifa hates Christians, Antifa wants to kill Christians.

Evidence? None, of course. But if you believe that the world is 6000 years old and that Jesus’ mother was a virgin, evidence simply doesn’t matter.

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