Who’s Possessed by Demons Today?

Who’s Possessed by Demons Today? October 14, 2017

It’s time to spin the big wheel of wingnuttia and find out who is possessed by demons today. And it won’t even involve Gordon Klingenschmitt, the demon whisperer. We’ll start with the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, who says Eminem’s freestyle anti-Trump rap the other day was “demonic.”


During yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Perkins discussed a freestyle acapella rap released by hip-hop artist Marshall Mathers, who uses the name Eminem while performing, that was critical of President Trump. Perkins expressed shock over the video.

“I was watching this tirade he went on—what they call rap,” Perkins said. “I don’t know how they call that a talent. But it was demonic, he was demonic on his attack on President Trump.”

I’d ask for evidence of this claim, but this is Tony Perkins we’re dealing with. Evidence could not possibly be any less important to him. And then there’s Rick Wiles, who claims that the Vegas shooting was carried out by a secret cabal that rules the entire world and is — you guessed it — demonic:

“I know that sounds extreme and bizarre to people,” Wiles said, “but every day that goes by, the more I’m convinced that I’ve been right all these years that there is a deeply embedded satanic cult that has gained control of powerful institutions in this country and other nations. You can’t escape it.”

Wiles said that “there is no other explanation” for what happened in Las Vegas than to admit that “it’s raw evil.”

“It’s raw evil committed by a demon-possessed group of people,” he said. “It wasn’t just one man, there were several people but those people were possessed by demons. No normal person in his or her right mind would slaughter people like that. You have to be possessed by Satan to carry out such an act.”

No other explanation, people! He can’t think of a single one! Of course, this is the same guy who thinks Obama tried to drop a nuclear weapon on Charleston, South Carolina, so we’re not exactly dealing with a rational human being. Explanations require thinking, something he is entirely incapable of doing. Easier to blame it all on invisible beings.

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