Wilkerson: Trump Wants War with Iran

Wilkerson: Trump Wants War with Iran October 16, 2017

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who was Colin Powell’s chief of staff at the State Department, did an interview with Joy Reid and said that Trump’s undermining of the Iran nuclear agreement will destroy any hope for a diplomatic settlement with North Korea and he’s doing it because he wants a war.


“I think we are doing the same thing as we did in 2003, and I was very intimate with that process in Iraq,” Wilkerson replied referencing his tenure at the State Department when the U.S. attacked Iraq. “We are marching down the road to war. If you think Iraq was a bad war wait until you see Iran.”

“[Trump] said yesterday in his remarks, he said Iran is spreading global destruction and chaos,” Wilkerson continued. “Saudi Arabia is the one doing that. The bloody war in Yemen, which sad to say we are involved in, it’s the bloodiest war on the face of the Earth right now, the greatest humanitarian disaster since World War II. We are a part of that. The Saudis are far worse than Iran and we are getting ready to make that situation even worse, more profoundly destabilizing, by taking on Iran militarily.”

“If you say it’s unacceptable like Tillerson did, that Iran has a nuclear weapon, you get [rid of them] through diplomacy or war,” he added.

Trump has already done everything he could to undermine any ability to negotiate a way out of the situation in North Korea, and scuttling the Iran deal will only tell them that they can’t possibly trust us if they did make a deal with us. As Wilkerson said, the only alternative at that point, given the rhetoric, is to go to war in Iran, North Korea or both. Either way, huge numbers of people would die. But by not believing in diplomacy, Trump has made that virtually inevitable.

Like many people who have never been in the military, Trump think that war is glorious, the way it’s depicted in movies and hyper-nationalist rhetoric. Those who have been to war know damn well it isn’t. That’s why I trust the generals Trump has around him far more than I do him. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis all support diplomacy and see war as something to be avoided if at all possible, but that does little good if he doesn’t listen to them. Trump has made the world a far more dangerous and unstable place.

It’s time stop this madness. We have killed far too many for too little reason based on too many lies, and bankrupted the country in the process.

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