Trump Lies About Judicial Confirmations

Trump Lies About Judicial Confirmations October 18, 2017

During that impromptu press conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday, where they pretended that they’re really BFFs, Trump lied through his teeth about the Senate confirming his judicial nominees, many of whom have been horrible picks.


One of the unspoken elements that we discussed at lunch — and it just is not talked about — yes, we got a great justice, Justice Gorsuch, into the United States Supreme Court. He is going to be outstanding, hopefully for many, many years. But something that people aren’t talking about is how many judges we’ve had approved, whether it be the court of appeals, circuit judges, whether it be district judges. We have — tremendous — right now under review; the Democrats are holding them up beyond anything — beyond comprehension, they’re holding them up.

I mean, frankly, they have terrible, terrible policy — terrible policy — and perhaps they’re not even good politicians, but they are good at obstruction. So I looked at some of these numbers, between the judges — and I want to say that we will set records in terms of the number of judges.

And if you read the Wall Street Journal, I have to give them a little bit of a — a person, a writer, I won’t mention names — but you can see who has really been a really fair person — wrote an article or wrote an editorial, in a sense, saying how well we’re doing with judges and appointments. I think it’s one of the big unsung things of this administration, in addition to the fact that we have had a lot of legislation passed on the VA and lots of other things.

But the judge story is an untold story. Nobody wants to talk about it. But when you think about it, Mitch and I were saying, that has consequences 40 years out, depending on the age of the judge, but 40 years out. So numerous have been approved. Many, many are in the pipeline. The level of quality is extraordinary.

Not a word of this is true. There is no obstruction “beyond comprehension.” And the only reason there are so many vacancies on the federal bench is because of Republican obstruction. They simply refused to allow votes on judges at the end of the Obama administration, most obviously that of Merrick Garland, but all through the federal bench as well. The numbers prove that, in fact, Trump is getting judges confirmed much faster and easier than his predecessor.

In nine months in office, the Senate has confirmed seven judicial nominees, including Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and four for the appeals courts. At the same point in his first administration, Obama had three judges confirmed, including Justice Sotomayor on the Supreme Court. The Senate Judiciary Committee has held confirmation hearings for 26 Trump nominees for the federal bench; at this same point, Obama’s nominees had gotten only 14 hearings.

He’s lying. As always.

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