Wiles Has a New Explanation for Vegas Shooting

Wiles Has a New Explanation for Vegas Shooting October 18, 2017

So far we’ve heard that the Vegas shooter was an Antifa member targeting Trump supporters, an Illuminati agent committing a “blood ritual sacrifice” to Satan and many more. Deranged conspiracy nut Rick Wiles has a new one: It was a secret government death squad.


“All of these mass murders have the same thread running through them,” he said. “What we have in America is a death squad, there are multiple death squads. There is a top secret death squad operating in the United States of America and only a very small number of people at the top of the food chain, the ruling class in this country, know about the existence of this death squad. That’s what’s happening and they’re carrying out these atrocities.”

Wiles warned that another mass shooting will take place in the near future, carried out by one of these “super secret covert killing teams” and orchestrated by a hidden global government that controls the world.

“I think that there is a government beyond the government that we all know about,” he said. “There is a government that is higher than the U.S. government. It’s hidden, it’s secret, it rules; they have vast amounts of money that comes through illicit drug sales, pornography, human trafficking and they’re financing this super secret government. They have their own judicial system, they have their own laws for their own elite members. They’ve got killing teams. It’s very, very dangerous right now.”

And yet you’re still alive, Rick. And so is Alex Jones. And so are all the other crackpot conspiracy theorists. Why would they target random people at a country music festival and not people like you, who blow the whistle on them? I have a theory: They don’t exist. They’re a figment of your prolific imagination. And all you have to do to show that I’m wrong is produce some evidence for your claims. But you can’t. Not that it matters to your target audience.

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