Wayne Allyn Root is Astonishingly Stupid

Wayne Allyn Root is Astonishingly Stupid October 23, 2017

Wayne Allyn Root declared immediately after the shooting in Las Vegas that it was an ISIS attack and even threatened to sue news outlets for making fun of him when he proved it (he hasn’t, of course, because it wasn’t). But his latest conspiracy theory is so idiotic that it will leave your jaw agape.


“I ask real questions and good questions,” Root insisted. “I have never had a crazy conspiracy theory in my life. As a matter of fact, every theory I’ve ever had and every question I’ve ever asked has turned out to be correct. So I’m not a crazy conspiracy theorist, I’m the only honest person in the media asking real questions.”…

Insisting that he is not a spreading conspiracy theories but simply asking questions, Root asserted that the shooter had been laundering money for “some major crime syndicate.”

“There are so many parts of this story that stink,” Root said. “All my law enforcement friends believe the reason this guy was such a huge gambler, millions of dollars risked, is because he was laundering money for some major crime syndicate. Whether that be ISIS, whether it be al Qaeda, whether it be Antifa, whether it be the mafia, whether it be the CIA, I don’t know who it was but this guy was laundering somebody’s money.”

Okay, let’s do a little mini-tutorial on what money laundering is. It’s when you take money that you earned through criminal activity and run it through a legitimate business, preferably one that deals primarily in cash so it’s hard to track, and then you can use the money without raising suspicion on the part of the banks or the government. Now, what would be the dumbest possible way to try to launder money? By betting it at a casino. Why? Because not only is there a good chance that you’ll lose the money you’re trying to launder, the longer you play the more you’re virtually guaranteed to do so.

And, of course, every dollar you bet in a casino is trackable. The shooter had player cards with the casinos, which we know because they’ve been ordered to preserve all such records. And those records include every dollar he bought in chips and every dollar he cashed out when he was done. So not only are you likely to lose (at the very least) a significant portion of the money you’d be trying to make usable, every transaction is also tracked. That would be the dumbest money laundering scheme in history.

Root knows this, of course. Why? Because he made his money in sports betting. He knows how it works. He’s just lying. Or incredibly stupid. Take your pick.

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