Chris Wallace Criticizes Fox Opinion Hosts for Bashing the Media

Chris Wallace Criticizes Fox Opinion Hosts for Bashing the Media October 24, 2017

Chris Wallace, one of the few genuine journalists at Fox News, is upset, as he should be, with the network’s opinion show hosts always bashing the media in their neverending defense of Donald Trump and any other person they consider a conservative.


“It bothers me,” Wallace said in an interview. “If they want to say they like Trump, or that they’re upset with the Democrats, that’s fine. That’s opinion. That’s what they do for a living.

“I don’t like them bashing the media, because oftentimes what they’re bashing is stuff that we on the news side are doing. I don’t think they recognize that they have a role at Fox News and we have a role at Fox News. I don’t know what’s in their head. I just think it’s bad form.”

Wallace, who turned 70 last week, speaks from a position of strength. He just signed a contract extension that commits him to keep questioning politicians for Fox until well past the 2020 election. Now the dean of Sunday morning political talk hosts, he moderated his first presidential debate last year and drew generally high marks.

He doesn’t call out press-bashing colleagues by name. It’s no secret that prime-time star Sean Hannity is the president’s fiercest defender on Fox, with frequent references to the “destroy Trump media.” Hannity criticized the press in 90 percent of his monologues from May 15 to Sept. 1, according to the liberal media watchdogs Media Matters for America, and used the term “fake news” 67 times.

Hannity is a pathetic sycophant and it’s quite absurd that anyone takes him seriously. He has not one shred of intellectual honesty. Like his hero Trump, he’ll take one position when it’s politically convenient for him and the exact opposite position when it suits his needs later, without a hint of recognition of the contradiction. Because, also like Trump, he defines truth as “whatever helps my side.” If it helps him, it’s true; if it doesn’t, it’s “fake news.” But few people have a worse track record than Hannity when it comes to taking positions that are actually true.

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