Former QB Has Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About the NFL

Former QB Has Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About the NFL October 31, 2017

Right-wing conspiracy nut Sheila Zilinsky had Mike Boryla, who had a brief NFL career as a quarterback in the 70s, on her radio show and he offered up an utterly bizarre conspiracy theory about the NFL in the the wake of the protests against racial injustice.


But first, he explained why he left football. “I played NFL football for five years,” he told Zilinsky, “and then I was reading the book of Genesis about Lot and Sodom, and I felt the Lord telling me the NFL football was Sodom. And as you know, Sodom is a place of death, it is a place of destruction, and the Lord told me to leave and to not look back even though I had just signed a huge four-year, multi-year contract.” Well sure, don’t look back — you might turn into a pillar of salt! So right up front, we know we’re not dealing with something who is closely tethered to reality here.

It’s a really weird interview. A lot of it focuses on traumatic brain injury, which is a serious issue that the NFL needs to be held accountable for due to their history of indifference, at best, and outright negligence, at worst, in dealing with it. But of course, it also veered off into the protests, which both agreed are absolutely horrible and anti-American. But then Boryla also declares that the NFL “was and is the primary propaganda platform for the federal government. They are the primary propaganda platform for the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines.” So protesting by the players is an insult to those who serve in the military, but the NFL is just the propaganda wing of that same evil military? Bizarre.

But nowhere near as bizarre as when Boryla starts talking about science.

And then I started reading about my homies, the Russians, who four years ago did extensive studies on DNA, okay, and what they found was that the double helix DNA, which is in every single cell in our body, is a fractal antenna, and it hears words and sounds. And so the people here in the United States who have been watching football Thursday nights, Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday night, for 40 years, their DNA has heard all those violent sounds…well the problem with it is, when you worship a psychopathic death trap idol like the NFL, you become like your idol. The Bible says that you become like your idol that you worship, and they just don’t seem to really care, it has dehumanized them.

He goes on to say that this is what causes the country to get into so many wars. To call the man loopy is an insult to loops.

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