White Privilege is a Communist Conspiracy!

White Privilege is a Communist Conspiracy! November 1, 2017

You can learn so much reading the website of Christian right ignoramus and mediocre drummer Bradlee Dean. For instance, from this article by some guy named David Riselada, a self-described “Constitutional Christian Conservative,” I learned that the concept of white privilege is all a big communist plot.


The white privilege narrative continues to advance in America.

Increasingly, the idea that white people are responsible for the ills of minorities is being pushed in our society to the point that an all-out, genuine hatred for white people is taking hold.

I know, right? I mean, the only way one could possibly believe that white people have oppressed minorities is if you hate white people. Or unless you have a functioning brain stem and at least a 7th grade understanding of history. 400,000 or so African slaves sent to America, imported by white people to work the fields and deprived of even the most basic human rights, all justified by the belief that those black slaves were cursed by God? I’ll see that and raise tens of millions of Native Americans killed by white Europeans, also in the name of God, of course. The KKK, Jim Crow, racial segregation that people were willing to kill to maintain. Of course, anyone who believes this obviously must hate white people.

The truth of white privilege is that it is a useful tool used to create hate and discontent in our society, and that blacks really may be victims of white supremacist agenda. Just not from the United States.

The idea of using race as a weapon has its origins in the Communist Revolution in the early twentieth century.

Leon Trotsky, leader of the revolutionary army, allegedly coined the term racism to discredit the eastern Europeans who stood in the way of communist objectives.

I love that use of “allegedly,” as if that rescues the author from passing on a claim that is patently false. In fact, the word racism was noted in the Oxford English Dictionary three decades before Trotsky. But why let pesky little things like facts get in the way of a dishonest narrative? But here’s the thing: Even if this claim were true, so what? Would that mean that racism is a myth that never existed? Would it erase the entire history of slavery and oppression because a communist coined the phrase? Only someone as dimwitted as David Riselada would believe such a thing.

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