Shoebat Wants Atheists Put to Death

Shoebat Wants Atheists Put to Death November 7, 2017

Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat has found another group of people he wants to murder in the name of God: Me. And most of you too. All atheists, in fact. But being the magnanimous guy he is, he’s willing to bring back the Inquisition so we can all be tortured and given the chance to forcibly convert.


“Sodomites and atheists need to be purged from society,” Shoebat said. “Sodomites automatically need to be put to death, that’s a no-brainer because they have already committed the crime of homosexuality. Atheists, on the other hand, they need to be inquisited, bottom line. They need to be inquisited and I think that when you have atheist enclaves in society, when you have atheist strongholds in society, atheist establishments that are very influential and when you see how fanatic they are, how much they hate Christianity, how much they hate God, how much they hate the church, you really can’t tolerate people like that and those people need the death penalty.”

But remember, it’s Sharia law that we really have to worry about. Those evil Muslims might impose the wrong kind of religious fascism on society! We can’t let that happen. We’ll be so much happier being slaughtered by Christians than by Muslims, won’t we?

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