McInness: Dylan Roof Wasn’t a Terrorist

McInness: Dylan Roof Wasn’t a Terrorist November 8, 2017

Canadian white supremacist Gavin McInnes says that the church shooting in Texas was not a terrorist act, and he’s right. Terrorism is violence in the service of a political agenda and there’s no indication of any such agenda here. But then he said that Dylan Roof was also not a terrorist.


On today’s episode of McInnes’ new CRTV program “Get Off My Lawn,” he explained that he did not think it was correct to label the mass shooting at a Texas church last week as an act of terrorism because there was no apparent political reasoning for it and “sometimes politicization matters.” But despite this working definition, he claimed that Roof’s massacre of black churchgoers in 2015 was not terrorism.

“Dylann Roof, Batman shooting, Columbine—those are mental midget lunatic drug addict psychos on crazy medication. That’s not terrorism,” McInnes said. “When jihadists do it, it’s terrorism.”

McInnes went on, “There’s reasons why jihadists commit terror. There are not reasons why lunatic white people commit terror.”

There’s just one problem with that: Dylan Roof left behind a manifesto detailing his political grievances and the agenda could not have been more clear. McGinnes just doesn’t want to admit that it was terrorism because Roof’s political grievances are the same as his political grievances. They’re both white supremacists and McGinnes doesn’t want that to be associated with terrorism, despite the fact that it always has been. So he lies instead.

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