Wiles on Texas Church Shooting: Thanks, Obama!

Wiles on Texas Church Shooting: Thanks, Obama! November 9, 2017

Deranged bigot and conspiracy nut Rick Wiles knows who is really to blame for the mass shooting in Texas last Sunday: Barack Obama. And Satan. But he repeats himself, because those are the same thing in his mind. It’s all part of Obama’s communist revolution.


“The mass killings of peaceful Christian families in church on Sunday mornings are what America’s political left has given this nation,” Wiles said. “Since 1962, there has been a relentless ongoing war of hatred in the USA against God and Christianity. The religious war has been supported by America’s courts and judges, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, the news media, academia, and the Democratic Party. Fifty-five years later, we have church carpets soaked in blood. Oh, America, how much more of this religious war against God are you going to tolerate? Will you remain silent until your children are bleeding on the church floor too?”

“A dark, sinister entity controlled by Lucifer is behind these mass shootings,” he warned. “These events are not happening at random by mentally ill people. You may not realize it, but the USA is engulfed in a communist revolution. I’ve been warning about it since 2008, with the election of communist street organizer Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Hussein Obama, and I assure you he is behind all of this Resist Trump movement going on right now.”

Wiles said that Christians must wake up and realize that this communist revolution is in the process of taking over the nation and will soon set out on a campaign to execute “tens of thousands of Christian leaders within months or years.”

We’ll just add this one to the huge pile of dystopic predictions that Wiles makes on a daily basis that never actually comes true. The number of times he has predicted the roundup and murder of Christians by the government is approaching infinity at this point. It’s like the boy who cried wolf swallowed Chicken Little.

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