Of Course the Texas Shooting Was a False Flag Operation

Of Course the Texas Shooting Was a False Flag Operation November 10, 2017

To no one’s surprise, Alex Jones has declared the shooting in Texas to be a false flag operation by the “deep state.” It was designed to embarrass Donald Trump with a terror attack and, of course, it was accomplished by mind-control and drugs and brainwashing.


ALEX JONES (HOST): And the deep state wants to embarrass Trump with more terror attacks and it’s all connected to the Antifa, this individual [Sutherland Springs, TX, church shooter] Devin Kelley in mental institutions the Air Force put him in. Trying to go to bases with guns to kill his commanding officers. That’s the Associated Press and CBS News. And protected and allowed to assault his wife, and other people, and children, and to be a pedophile. And then protected, and then turned loose. You know he was told, “You’re our little secret agent now of the deep state. You’re not going to go to jail. Don’t kill your commanding officers. We have a job for you.” And just like a wind-up toy right out of a government mental institutions (sic), allowed to get guns, the files not put into the [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] on purpose so their wind-up toy — classic manchurian candidate. Let’s put Devin Kelley on screen. And what did our source start talking about yesterday? He said, “I can’t get into this, and I can’t get into him, and I can’t get into his background, but it’s all in the news.” And absolutely there it is. Mind control. If they can’t hype up a revolution on November 4th, they’ll activate their sleeper cells.

And let me tell you something. They got hardcore drugs, they got programming, they got it all. And the proof is they put him in a mental institution for trying to kill his chain of command with weapons and they let him out and then they let him continue attack people and did nothing. They protected him just like Maj. [Nidal] Hasan at Fort Hood for two years was talking to the number two in Al-Qaeda about his attacks and the CIA knew and did nothing, because they’re — look at that mind control. Look at that guy. I bet if you did an autopsy he’s been under electroshock therapy, you name it. That guy tried to kill his high command and they said, “Put this guy into a black project. Scramble his brain. This guy’s a perfect candidate as a wind-up toy.” “You want to be a killer, son? You’re going to get to be a killer now. Heh heh. You’re in the program whether you like it or not.”

I especially love the part where he quotes his “source” as saying absolutely nothing, which he then uses as evidence for his crackpottery. “I can’t get into this” is apparently important evidence in Jones’ fevered imagination. That shouldn’t surprise us, of course, because he can’t offer any actual evidence for any of this bizarre speculation. What else are you going to do when you have an empire to support and it’s all based on nonsense?

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