Gorka Lies About Clinton and Uranium One on Fox News

Gorka Lies About Clinton and Uranium One on Fox News November 20, 2017

Shep Smith may have debunked the entire fake story over Hillary Clinton and Uranium One but that isn’t stopping the other Fox News hosts from continuing to push the story, and inviting people on to tell lies about it. Fascist Sebastian Gorka is the latest liar to do so on the network.


SEBASTIAN GORKA: Not only do we need it, there is legislation that is active today that says America should be absolutely self-sufficient on uranium. It is such a strategic asset that we must not rely upon anybody else.

And Hillary Clinton, as the chairman — the chairman of that committee — approved this deal. The question is, how far up the chain does this go? Does it go up to President Obama as well?

It is a lie that Hillary Clinton was the chair of any committee that had anything to do with the approval of the sale of Uranium One. He’s referring to the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. The chair of that committee is not the Secretary of State, it’s the Secretary of the Treasury. The Secretary of State is one of nine members of the committee, none of whom can prevent any such sale. Each one can raise objections and explain why, but only the president can scuttle a proposed sale. In the case of Uranium One, none of the officials on the committee raised any objections and the sale was approved.

And that’s because it had nothing to do with who has control over our uranium. A Russian company now has a controlling interest in a Canadian company that already had contracts to mine uranium in this country, but none of that uranium, by law, can be exported. It must stay here, for our exclusive use. This has all been documented repeatedly, but facts never stop the right from peddling the same lies over and over again.

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