Cernovich: They’re Attacking Flynn Because He’s Stopping Pedophiles

Cernovich: They’re Attacking Flynn Because He’s Stopping Pedophiles November 28, 2017

While the Trumpistas continue to excuse actual child molestation by Roy Moore, they’re still obsessed with Pizzagate and this vast pedophile ring that they have created in their heads. And their new excuse for any criticism of someone they support is that they’re being attacked by the “deep state” that created the pedophile ring because they were trying to stop it. Mike Cernovich to the (very) white courtesy phone:


Cernovich then made a hard pivot to claim that Flynn’s investigation into pedophiles is what made him the target of a “deep state” investigation, rather than his suspected involvement in a Russian influence operation during the 2016 election that may end in his indictment.

“That’s why they all hate Trump and that’s why they hate General Flynn, because they were investigating the pedophiles and the pedophilia,” Cernovich said. “That’s the real big story nobody wants to talk about.”

“The real reason they went after General Mike Flynn is because he was really focusing on pedophilia and he had happened upon this story accidentally and that’s why deep state freaked out. Of course, hopefully this comes out. Unfortunately Gen. Flynn can’t talk to anybody because lawyers’ advice and everything.”

There is, of course, not a shred of evidence that Flynn was doing anything whatsoever to investigate or uncover any ring of pedophiles. His son, who is even more of a crackpot than he is, did tweet about Pizzagate a couple times, but that’s it. But this seems to be the new defense. Liz Crokin and others have used it to defend Trump too, claiming that the only reason he’s being attacked is because he’s secretly getting ready to get rid of this huge global pedophile ring and throw Hillary Clinton, who apparently runs the whole thing, in prison. This won’t happen, of course, but that will do nothing to dissuade them. Everything just gets wrapped up further in the conspiracy theory.

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