Wingnut: Attacks on Roy Moore are ‘Demonic’

Wingnut: Attacks on Roy Moore are ‘Demonic’ November 29, 2017

Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America was one of the gaggle of wingnuts who went to Alabama to stand with Roy Moore despite credible allegations of sexual misconduct with girls as young as 14. He says the attacks on Moore are part of a “demonic” plot.


Thomas, who runs the organization Operation Save America, called on his fellow Christians to rally around Moore because “this is not the time to play it safe, there is a spirit of the age and it has set its sights on Chief Justice Roy Moore, to take him on and take him out because he represents a danger to the status quo that has been running this nation into the ground.”

“Part of this is demonic,” he said. “We are dealing with lies, we are dealing with fraud, we are dealing with the accusation against the brethren … This is a time for courage and if we have to bear the reproach, if we have to bear the shame to do what it right before God, so be it.”

That’s just appalling. He thinks that defending a guy who tried to have sex with a 14 year old takes courage and that not defending him would cause him shame before God. I’m not sure who that says more about, him or the twisted conception of God he has. How about we save America from people like you instead?

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