Crackpot: Hillary Would Have Legalized Bestiality and Pedophilia

Crackpot: Hillary Would Have Legalized Bestiality and Pedophilia December 6, 2017

Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer turned major league crackpot — he’s the one who told Alex Jones about those pedophile colonies the government has on Mars — told fellow fruit loop Sheila Zilinsky that if Hillary Clinton had been elected, she would have legalized bestiality and pedophilia. But you know who’s really to blame? The Jews.


“Hollywood has been run by Zionists from day one,” Steele said. “And Hollywood was designed, inclusive of Walt Disney, was designed to destroy American values.”

“If you go back and look at every Shirley Temple movie, it is essentially soft porn for pedophiles,” he continued. “Shirley Temple was essentially the poster girl for pedophiles for her entire career, they are essentially the pedophile’s wet dream.”

“We have senior founding Zionists in Hollywood saying, ‘Our objective is to eliminate all American values,’ and we have a senator who has exposed a memorandum from Loretta Lynch, had Hillary Clinton become president, they were going to legalize bestiality and pedophilia,” Steele added.

And then they would have magically transported themselves to Jupiter, where they have pedophile bases that Steele has never even heard of. Oh crap, I just revealed something I shouldn’t have. The Dark Lord will not be pleased with me. But I like this alternate “this is what would have happened” game. And I’m quite sure that if Steele was not being watched by the secret Illuminati police, he would have had sex with a flaming sheep in Times Square. Hey, this is easy.

Rarely are far-right conspiracy nuts not also anti-Semitic. Ultimately, the Jews are behind everything to them.

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