Taylor: Trump Will Soon Round Up Pedophiles and Put Them on Trial

Taylor: Trump Will Soon Round Up Pedophiles and Put Them on Trial December 6, 2017

I’m really quite fascinated by this claim from a certain faction of the far-right fringe that Trump is on a crusade to destroy this global pedophile ring that they imagine exists. Sheila Zilinsky, Liz Crokin, Robert David Steele and others all seem to be pushing it. And “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor says the roundup will happen soon and result in military-style tribunals that will make Nuremberg pale by comparison.


Claiming that there are nearly 5,000 sealed indictments in place against powerful leaders, Taylor asserted that Trump, who is “ten steps ahead of everybody,” has put the National Guard on notice to prepare for civil unrest in the wake of mass arrests. Taylor asserted that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are among those set to be indicted, claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is methodically building cases against them so that they cannot escape on any sort of technicality.

“This corruption goes so deep and so wide and so long that it is going to take military-style tribunals to deal with the treasonous acts that are being committed right now in the United States,” Taylor said. “You are going to see people get rounded up that are going to blow your mind.”

“The pedophilia and the child sacrifice thing, I think it is absolutely huge,” he added. “It is going to boggle the mind when they find out and start digging … Strap in, get ready for the ride because this is going to be going on for years, these military-style tribunals. They’re going to make Nuremberg look like a cakewalk.”

Uh, yeah. Except you can’t put civilian citizens through a military tribunal. And this, of course, is never going to happen. So what happens when it doesn’t? Do they admit they’re wrong? Of course not. Being a wingnut means never having to admit you’re wrong about anything. The conspiracies just get deeper and more elaborate, facts be damned. It’s a hell of a racket, really, with an endless supply of suckers and marks.

And that isn’t even bringing up the ludicrous notion that a guy who admits to having bought the Miss Teen USA pageant so he could go into the locker room and see teen girls naked, and who just endorsed a guy who had a thing for girls as young as 14, is going to lead the anti-pedophile crusade.

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