Breitbartians: Pope Wants to Address Global Warming Because He Hates the First World

Breitbartians: Pope Wants to Address Global Warming Because He Hates the First World December 13, 2017

The assortment of halfwits over at Breitbart — Steve Bannon and Tom Williams — got together on their daily radio show (which makes Rush Limbaugh seem rational) to talk about why Pope Francis has urged governments to take steps to arrest global warming. Because he thinks it poses a real threat, like virtually every scientist in a relevant field? Of course not.


WILLIAMS: I mean, I agree with you Steve. I’m very disturbed by this whole movement. If you look at the characters that make it up and its leaders, it’s a bunch of bad people. There are a few innocents that go along just because they’re tree huggers and they believe, and just basically they love the environment. But a lot of these people have a very anti-capitalist agenda. A lot of them have a very anti-population, anti-human agenda. There is this Gaia worship, there’s a lot of —

BANNON: Hold up, they have an anti-Christian and an anti-Catholic agenda. That’s like, to me isn’t it the same group of people?

WILLIAMS: Well yeah, and they’ve actually — some of these characters who have an overt anti-Catholic agenda have been invited to speak in the Vatican. People like Jeffrey Sachs, it’s — they’ve filled the pontifical academies with these clowns who are population control people. They even brought in Paul Ehrlich, the one who wrote The Population Bomb in ‘68. Remember that crazy story about how the population was growing so fast that we weren’t going to be able to feed everybody? It’s really crazy. My worst case scenario, my worst read on this, is that the pope is behind this, particularly because of his dislike of the First World, and particularly the United States of America. Because as Donald Trump said last year in the Rose Garden address when he announced that the U.S. was pulling out of the Paris accord, he was just right, he said this is something that is aimed at our economy, it’s aimed to bring the U.S. down. I’m a complete believer in that, and I think that a lot of people recognize it and that’s why they’re for it, and I fear that the pope may be one of those.

This is what now passes for intellectual discourse in American conservatism. The rest of us use “why do you hate America” as a bit of satire, aping this inane claim that anyone who disagrees with the right wing hates America, but these people actually believe it. Yes, they are that stupid. And so is a sizable portion of the population that falls for such inanities. It’s like the whole country has turned into one big AOL politics chatroom, circa 1995.

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