A Refreshingly Honest Breitbart Editor

A Refreshingly Honest Breitbart Editor December 18, 2017

Alex Marlowe, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart.com, was refreshingly honest (and hypocritical, of course) on that site’s daily radio show about why they went all-in to defend Roy Moore against the allegations with teen girls: To protect Donald Trump.


ALEX MARLOW (HOST): In hindsight guys, look, it’s a — there was no option at Breitbart — and I will try to articulate this over and over. There was no option to throw Judge [Roy] Moore under the bus. If you set the standard that Roy Moore, who was accused of abusing five women, three of whom — or six women, three of whom were not actually accusing him of doing anything illegal, two of whom either had a massive conflict of interest or were entirely uncredible for putting out a forged yearbook, that left one accuser and it was a he said, she said. If you make that the standard, the left is going to use it to take out President Trump. There was never any reason to cave unless you have a — unless you would like President Trump to get removed from office, and if not even removed from office, at least have massive distractions from his agenda so that we never accomplish anything for the remainder of the president’s term. And much of the Republican Party wants that. Much of the Republican Party does not see that as a negative.

When you’ve got a race when you’ve got a horrible candidate. Let’s not — you guys are being too polite about Roy Moore, he was a terrible candidate. His message did not resonate, he had all the baggage, he had the scandal. When he’d run for statewide office he’d only won in very tight races or relatively tight, considering he’s the Republican. Roy Moore was not a good candidate at all.

Funny how he was a great candidate right up until he lost, isn’t it? Breitbart was totally in his corner, lauding him as indispensable in the Senate. Bannon campaigned for him, lobbied for him, convinced Trump to speak out publicly to support him. But then he lost and suddenly he was just terrible. And isn’t it odd how Breitbart had no problem condemning Al Franken, John Conyers and others over sexual harassment and assault and wasn’t the least bit worried about setting a standard that Trump might be held to, but with Moore it was absolutely necessary. And at no time did they show any concern at all over whether such allegations are true or not, against anyone. All that matters is what is best for their political agenda.

None of this, of course, actually does defend Trump at all. We know he has committed sexual harassment and assault and intentionally walked in on teenage girls while they’re naked because he has admitted to doing so, bragged about it in fact, multiple times.

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