Ding Dong the Cardinal is Dead

Ding Dong the Cardinal is Dead December 20, 2017

Cardinal Bernard Law, the former leader of the Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church who was responsible for the rape of literally hundreds and hundreds of children because he protected the priests who raped them by moving them from parish to parish to find new victims, is dead. Rest in shame, you vile creature.


If you’ve seen the movie Spotlight, you’ve heard this story. More than any other high-ranking Catholic official, Law was the face of the pedophile priest scandal because of his actions to protect rapists, his many lies about it and his flexing of his political power to intimidate those who dug into the story. When there was only a single case reported, that of Rev. John Geoghan, who had raped 130 children, Law said that he had relied on “flawed psychiatric assessments” in deciding to shift him from one parish to another over several decades.

But that was just the tip of a very large iceberg. Over the next few months, more and more stories came out, told by the victims, and it was revealed that Law had done the same with more than 100 others, with their victims reaching more than 1000. Not once did he ever contact law enforcement about the heinous crimes his priests had committed and church documents revealed the lengths he had gone to in order to cover up those crimes, nor was he ever criminally charged as an accessory, which tells you how much power the Catholic Church had (has) in Boston.

After that scandal, he resigned as a cardinal, but his friend who had appointed him, the now-“saintly” John Paul II, made him the high priest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, one of the church’s most holy churches, and he was still allowed to cast a vote that elected Pope Benedict after JPII died. It was Benedict who had ordered that all such cases be handled internally by the church rather than turned over to the police. In no other institution would this have ever been allowed.

Law is responsible for the rape of hundreds and hundreds of young children. If there is a hell, he should have a one-way ticket and be right at the front of the line. Good riddance, you vile bastard.

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