Molyneux: The Last Jedi Is About the Oppression of White Men

Molyneux: The Last Jedi Is About the Oppression of White Men December 20, 2017

Arch-bigot Stephen Molyneux has seen the latest Star Wars movie, which was filtered through his mayo-colored glasses and escaped the prism as a tale of the terrible persecution of white people, especially white men, and the total failure of diversity.


“So Luke Skywalker has checked out of society—ha, isn’t that interesting? He’s a white male who’s checked out of society. And we see this all over the place with white males, right? I mean, they’re not happy. Neither is Luke Skywalker happy. He’s got this bitter, gristled, half-homeless kind of determination to survive another day but for no particular purpose other than to watch the slow extinguishing of his own possibilities and his own life,” Molyneux said. He went on to explain that he believed Luke Skywalker’s lack of children was reflective of “the demographic decline among the whites that is happening in Europe and in North America” and foretold a “quasi-extinction” of white people “in the not so distant future.”

Molyneux explained that when Luke Skywalker abandons the Jedi forces in the film, it reflects how white people have abandoned their culture.

“Whites are not allowed to have a history to be proud of, not allowed to have in-group preferences, the religion of the West must be burned—and this, of course, you see the tree and the Jedi texts get burned down and it’s the end of a lineage. It’s the end of a history. It is the end of culture,” Molyneux said.

When Luke Skywalker appears in a battle scene and is targeted by opposing forces, it illustrates “the hatred directed at white males,” Molyneux said…

He continued to explain that the more diverse cast in the new Star Wars film was a reflection on the diversification of the Western world.

Molyneux said, “This increased diversity means decreased success. In fact, it’s just one disaster after another for the Rebels and I’m not really sure if diversity is such a strength. Why, now that the Star Wars universe is more diverse, do the Rebels keep losing? Well, because there’s kind of a truth in that.”

Yeah, see, and the light sabers are really just space-age tiki torches! And the stormtroopers are dressed in all-white costumes because they’re the forces of good, while the Jedi are the evil ones, with their “diversity” and concern for other people. And it’s just a coincidence that the Nazis also referred to their goons as stormtroopers because we’re totally not Nazis! Stop calling us Nazis, damn you! We’re just “proud boys,” that’s all.

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