Hurricane Irma a Sign from God that Trump Will Be Exonerated

Hurricane Irma a Sign from God that Trump Will Be Exonerated December 21, 2017

I am perpetually amused by the things that wingnuts decide, after the fact, are signs from God. Bill Hamon, one of the founders of this absurd new “prophetic” movement among evangelical Christians, says that Hurricane Irma was a sign from God that Trump is going to be exonerated from all wrongdoing.


In 2018, Hamon said, Trump is “going to be exonerated and things are going to turn around and the accusers are going to be exposed.” As proof of this, he cited a prophecy from Chuck Pierce that “when the surge came on both shores, [on] both the east and west shores of Florida, that after that God is going to expose the enemies of righteousness and justice and is going to release revival and his glory upon America.”

This, he said, is exactly what happened with Hurricane Irma “and now in 2018 we’re going to see God expose all the …accusers and all those that are trying to wipe out Trump and destroy him, and they don’t realize this is a spiritual war.”

Before the next election, Hamon said, “Trump’s going to come out in a whole new light, God’s going to vindicate him and exonerate him.”

It’s a spiritual war, people. Never mind that there’s no such thing as spirits. These entirely imaginary beings are at war with one another inside the heads of people with imaginations that are far too active. And because all of this is imaginary, there’s never an end. When this “prophecy” turns out to be false, they’ll just move on to the next one.

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