Pence Slobbers All Over Trump

Pence Slobbers All Over Trump December 21, 2017

In an incredible display of his total lack of dignity, Vice President Mike Pence opened a cabinet meeting with a three-minute long public fellating of Trump that is positively embarrassing. You have to see this to believe it, as he played the loyal lickspittle.


For any normal person, it would be a humiliating display. For Pence, it’s par for the course. He’s doing it, one assumes, because he knows that flattery is the way to ingratiate himself with Trump. We know that’s true. But what does it say about Trump that he demands such public displays of slavishness and false adulation? It says what we have known all along, that he is a very small man with a giant and fragile ego that needs constant stroking. He doesn’t want you to kiss his ring, he demands that you kiss his ass.

"It's more like two weeks. Remember the Mexican tariffs? Actually, it's his SOP."

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