Ivanka Trump Lies About the Tax Bill

Ivanka Trump Lies About the Tax Bill December 26, 2017

A chip off the old block, first daughter Ivanka Trump is lying through her teeth about the new tax bill. She told Fox and Friends — of course — that the new bill simplifies the tax code so much that the “vast majority” of people will be able to file their taxes on a postcard in April.


Appearing on her father’s favorite fawning TV show she said, “I’m really looking forward to doing a lot of traveling in April when people realize the effect that this has, both on the process of filling out their taxes — the vast majority will be doing so on a single postcard — but also having experienced the relief that will be starting as early as February.”

A complete and total lie. First of all, the bill doesn’t even go into effect until the following year, when people file their 2018 taxes, not their 2017 taxes. Second, there is no such thing as a postcard on which to file your taxes. The IRS provides the forms, none of which could fit on a postcard, before or after this bill. Most importantly, it simply is not true that things will be that much simpler for almost anyone.

There is already a form called a 1040EZ, for those who take no deductions other than the standard deduction or the Earned Income Tax Credit, and have simple income documents. It won’t fit on a postcard, but it’s a single page and it is, in fact, pretty darn easy. About 17% of taxpayers use that form every year, but this bill does nothing to increase their numbers much. Doubling the standard deduction will make a small percentage of people eligible for it that would not otherwise be, but most would already have been doing that. As one tax expert told PolitiFact, “there are relatively few people who currently itemize who have a simple enough situation” to use a 1040EZ from this point on.

So no, this won’t be happening in April and it won’t mean the “vast majority” of taxpayers will have their taxes simplified. It’s a lie, another in a long string of lies told to sell that bill to an ignorant and credulous public.

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