Bauer’s Deliberate Hypocrisy on Noxious Comparisons

Bauer’s Deliberate Hypocrisy on Noxious Comparisons January 9, 2018

Our political system is full of noxious comparisons. We compare our political opponents to the most extreme of bad guys, from Stalin to Hitler to the KKK. Sometimes those comparisons are justified, sometimes they aren’t. But for Christian right leader Gary Bauer, he’s very upset when his political opponents make the same comparisons he does.

Copyright: Jonathan Roland
Copyright: Jonathan Roland

“There was a time in our history in the 1950s when some people—the most notable one was Congressman McCarthy—began first looking for communists in the government,” Bauer said. “There were some and it was good that they were exposed, but then it went too far and they were labeling everybody a communist and that became known as McCarthyism; smearing somebody by just sticking a label on them with no proof. And I believe what the left today, including many mainstream newspapers and TV shows and so forth, are engaged in is a form of left-wing McCarthyism where they label anybody that is pro-life, pro-family, believes in small government and lower taxes a Nazi or a fascist. It’s disgusting, it’s damaging to our country and it’s got to stop.”

Bauer was particularly outraged that anyone would dare to attack conservatives by “suggesting that they are the American equivalent of the Taliban.”

Here is Bauer less than three months ago declaring that we are “seeing the left now turn into an American Taliban.”

How dare the American Taliban call us the American Taliban! How sick would someone have to be to compare their enemies to the Taliban? Oh wait, I did that? Uh…right….because they deserved it! Of course, any comparison between the actual beliefs of the Taliban and the beliefs of Bauer or of liberals will show that Bauer’s views are far more consistent with them. They both favor theocracy and both are virulently anti-gay.

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