Trump’s Selective and Self-Serving Poll Reading

Trump’s Selective and Self-Serving Poll Reading January 12, 2018

We’ve long known that Trump filters out all information that doesn’t suit his purposes, dismissing anything negative as “fake news” while promoting anything he thinks makes him look good. His citing of a new Quinnipiac poll provides a perfect example of this hypocrisy:

Copyright: Jonathan Roland
Copyright: Jonathan Roland

Now let’s look at what that poll actually says. He’s right, people do think the economy is doing well, but that leaves out some very important data:

A total of 66 percent of American voters say the nation’s economy is “excellent” or “good,” up from 63 percent December 19 and the highest positive rating for the economy since the Quinnipiac University Poll first asked this question in 2001. Another 33 percent say the economy is “not so good” or “poor.”

Trump’s policies are helping the nation’s economy, 37 percent of voters say, as 29 percent say his policies are hurting the economy and 30 percent say these policies are not making much difference.

But 49 percent of voters say former President Barack Obama is more responsible for the state of the economy, while 40 percent say Trump is more responsible.

So yes, people think the economy is doing well but they don’t give Trump the credit for that. The reason should be obvious: He hasn’t actually done anything. Not a single piece of legislation that has done anything to help the economy (even if you believe the tax bill will do so, it can’t do that in two weeks). What we’re seeing is just the continuation of a long trend of economic improvement (and no, Obama doesn’t get the credit for that either).

In fact, overall the poll results are terrible for Trump. 56% of respondents grade his first year in office as an F or D, the same percentage of his disapproval ratings. Only 36% approve of the job he’s doing, the lowest percentage ever for a first-year president. But filtered through the crazy straw that feeds him his diet coke, everything becomes good news for him. Except the bad stuff, of course. That’s just fake news.

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