The Cynical and Hypocritical Pandering of Mike Pence

The Cynical and Hypocritical Pandering of Mike Pence January 16, 2018

It was bad enough that Donald Trump tried to get a little reflected glory from issuing a proclamation for Martin Luther King day. Now Mike Pence is doing the same thing. The two of them are about as far as you can get from being anything remotely in line with MLK’s views without actually being named Hitler.


Gee Mike, I seem to remember you storming out of a football game a few weeks ago because you were so terribly offended at the sight of black NFL players protesting racial injustice. Do you suppose this man whose memory you are cynically using when he represents everything you don’t would have been offended by those protests? Or would he have supported them? I think we all know the answer to that question. And the answer is: You really should just shut your mouth about this kind of thing, you tsunami of hypocrisy.

"More than he got, at least. So more than none."

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