Ladies and Gentlemen, Fox and Friends

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fox and Friends January 19, 2018

If anyone out there wonders why Fox and Friends is must-watch TV for Donald Trump, his own self-declared favorite show, look no further than the interview they did with some douchebag named Bob Massi, where they all excused both Trump’s racism and his long history of sexual misconduct and assault.


We’ll start with Ainsley Earhardt, an incredible dullard who still manages to be the smartest of the three hosts on the show:

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt spoke to Fox host and legal analyst Bob Massi on Thursday in a segment complaining about several Democrats who are boycotting Trump’s State of the Union Address to protest racial slurs that were reportedly used by the president to describe Africa.

“Is this a political statement or are these people also as they call the president a racist, are they potentially racist against him?” Massi opined. “Somebody has to address that issue because there is a fine line between a political statement and are they being racist against the president of the United States.”

Yes, of course. Criticizing the president’s racist statements is racism. Up is down, black is white. And of course, we’ve always been at war with reality and reason. And then it’s Massi’s turn to spout some serious idiocy:

Massi also said that lawmakers who are wearing black to honor sexual harassment victims were participating “in a direct slap against Trump.”

“We know that because of the allegations from years ago and the things that they are playing up,” the Fox News host remarked. “We know they are going to play on the sexual harassment issues. ‘Why is it that other people are gone but the president has sexual allegations against him?’”

“And what really bothers me most as a citizen, is what it sends to the rest of the world,” he added. “The platform, they have no concern about the embarrassment it brings to our president. And that, to me, is a poor commentary. And actually for me, it makes me sick at my stomach. I can’t stand it.”

Yes, you see, it’s not the fact that Trump has admitted to sexually assaulting women, or that he has admitted to using his position as owner of the Miss USA pageant to spy on naked young women, or that he has a long history of demeaning and denigrating women in the most vile terms imaginable, or that he has cheated on all of his wives and paid hush money to women to keep them quiet, that causes embarrassment for the country — it’s the fact that some people actually protest against those things. What makes Massi sick to his stomach is not Trump’s vile behavior, but people who dare to criticize his vile behavior. You know what makes me sick to my stomach? People like Massi.

I wonder if Fox News finds most of its contributors by trolling the streets looking for people carrying cardboard signs that say “Will make spectacularly stupid and hypocritical arguments for food.”

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