Trump’s Fake Fake News Awards

Trump’s Fake Fake News Awards January 19, 2018

So Trump delivered on his promise to give out awards for “fake news,” though it was really just a list of stories he deemed to be inaccurate. But as Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler notes, all of his examples were quickly corrected by the news outlet that published them.


The “Fake News Awards” announced on the Republican National Committee website and touted by President Trump pose a conundrum: Does it really count if the news organization admits error?

Regular readers of The Fact Checker know that we do not award Pinocchios if a politician admits error. Everyone makes mistakes — and the point is not to play gotcha. News organizations operate in a competitive arena and mistakes are bound to be made. The key test is whether an error is acknowledged and corrected.

President Trump almost never admits error, even as he has made more than 2,000 false or misleading statements.

And therein lies the rank hypocrisy here. No one is responsible for spreading more fake news than Donald Trump. And it isn’t even close. There’s no one in the same galaxy with him in terms of the number and the audacity of the lies he tells, which he never, ever retracts or stops repeating. Donald Trump giving out awards for fake news is like Jeffrey Dahmer doing a cooking show.

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