Gallups: Trump Will Prove Obama Birth Certificate Fake This Year

Gallups: Trump Will Prove Obama Birth Certificate Fake This Year January 24, 2018

Christian crackpot Carl Gallups, who regularly opened up rallies for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, says that Trump is going to finally reveal the proof that Obama’s birth certificate is fake this year, before the midterm elections.


“There are more things going on in the headline news in the last day or two that go directly to this birth certificate thing,” Gallups said. “Folks, I’m telling you, 2018 I think is going to be huge.”

“About two months ago, I said that I think people are going to go to jail in 2018,” he continued. “It’s just in my chest, because of stuff that I had been carrying around with me that I knew for years, and now it is coming to light. And guess who the president is? Donald Trump! Well, who is he? He is the guy that poked Obama in the chest in 2010 and dared him to put a birth certificate up and in early 2011, he did and it became the subject of a criminal investigation and now it has been proven, absolutely, forensically, 100 percent to be a fabricated fraud.”

“In my chest, I feel like this is going to break,” Gallups said. “Another reason it is going to break is because of the midterms and Donald Trump doesn’t want to lose the midterms so he has got to start showing America, do not put Democrats in office because you are going to get more communist tactics, more deep state, more lying, more obfuscation, more fake documents. Put these people in jail.”

And I bet you’re full of crap. I feel it. I feel it my hamstring, and my hamstring is way more reliable than your chest. And when none of this happens, all I demand is that we be able to stone you to death as a false prophet like it commands us to do in that book you claim is the inviolable word of God. Deal?

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