No, the Church Doesn’t Need More Exorcists

No, the Church Doesn’t Need More Exorcists January 28, 2018

For years now, we’ve heard reports of the Catholic church needing more exorcists because of a dramatic increase in the number of demon possessions they have to deal with. The latest is an Irish priest who is calling on the church to train more demon-battlers.


In a recent interview with The Irish Catholic, Fr. Pat Collins said he has been overwhelmed with the number of requests for exorcisms from the faithful in Ireland. In an open letter, he has urged the Irish bishops to train more priests to deal with the demand.

“(I)t’s only in recent years that the demand has risen exponentially,” Collins told The Irish Catholic.

Collins’ comments are on par with those of other exorcists throughout the world, including the International Association of Exorcists (IAE), a group of 400 Catholic leaders and priests, which has reported a dramatic increase in demonic activity in recent years.

In 2014, the IAE said the levels of demonic activity throughout the world had reached what they considered a “pastoral emergency.”

The emergency is that people actually believe in this stuff. The church doesn’t need to train more exorcists to chase out non-existent demons. What they need to do is start getting people who think they’re demon-possessed the real psychological help they need, from trained psychologists and psychiatrists, not priests. These people need genuine medical intervention, not fantasies and exorcisms.

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