Omarosa to Make Giant Step Sideways

Omarosa to Make Giant Step Sideways January 30, 2018

The vile Omarosa Manigault, having been unceremoniously dumped by the Trump administration, is taking a giant step sideways to take a spot on Celebrity Big Brother. From one crappy reality show — the White House — to another. Seems entirely appropriate.


Historically, White House aides often land impressive jobs after they finish working for a president. Some become corporate executives, others join law firms and quite a few work as well-paid television pundits.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, who served as President Trump’s director of communications at the White House Office of Public Liaison for about a year, is returning to reality television. CBS announced that she’ll be one of the 11 celebrities on the debut season of its new reality show “Celebrity Big Brother,” which premieres Feb. 7.

Of course she is. What else does she have? We only know she exists because she was on a reality show and distinguished herself by being hated by pretty much everyone. When that ended, she tried being a prosperity gospel preacher. Then she got involved with Trump and got a job at the White House, which lasted less than a year. She has nothing but reality TV. That’s the limit of her “talents,” being a spectacle.

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