Christian Reconstructionist Brags About Speaking in Schools and to Legislators

Christian Reconstructionist Brags About Speaking in Schools and to Legislators January 31, 2018

You may remember Jake MacAulay as the co-host of a radio show with shameless liar and bigot Bradlee Dean. Now he’s the president of the Institute on the Constitution, a Christian Reconstructionist group founded by Michael Peroutka (Roy Moore’s biggest sugar daddy and a former board member of the pro-slavery, white supremacist group League of the South). And MacAulay is bragging about his success in getting into public schools and influencing state and local legislators.


He’s been posting about meetings where he spoke to state legislators from Idaho and Washington. He posted this to his Instagram account:

The course he was invited back to teach is an incredibly dishonest take on the Constitution that literally paints it as a blueprint for theocracy. On the same day, he posted something virtually identical on his Facebook page about meeting with legislators from the state of Washington and also being invited back to teach that course:


And as Right Wing Watch notes, he told a church in Washington last week that they could get into public school classrooms with their lies:

“Look, we don’t need permission from the superintendent, the principal, the dean of students. Just find a history teacher, say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a presentation I can do. It’s about the Constitution.’”

Because that’s what we need, Christian Reconstructionism in our public school history classrooms.

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