Jones and Adams, Together At Last

Jones and Adams, Together At Last February 4, 2018

If you’ve wondered to yourself just how absurd the conversation could be when Alex Jones gets together with fellow conspiracy nut Mike Adams, wonder no more. Adams went on Jones’ show and they went off on all sorts of flights of fancy about what the “deep state” has planned to distract attention from the Nunes memo (from which no distraction is needed).

Jones said that the deep state establishment agents are like “cornered rats at this point,” and Adams agreed.

“They’re capable of anything at this point—anything,” Adams said of suspected deep state operatives. “A false flag operation—anything to change the narrative. If it has to be, you know, a train full of Republicans slamming into a truck, that might have just been a small taste of things to come if they get their way.”

As Media Matters reported yesterday, Jones claimed that when a train carrying GOP congressmen collided with a garbage truck that it was not an accident, but rather a “kamikaze” attack on Republicans.

Adams continued, “But let’s hope that enough of the deep state has been shut down now where they can’t pull off something big like a biological attack or a radiological attack on some city, because I have no doubt that they would do anything to change the narrative and try to change history at this point.”

Jones said that Trump needs to release the memo “right now” because the deep state is “trying to load up federal buildings with ammonium nitrate right now to blame it on us.”

Hey Alex, I don’t suppose you have any, uh, you know, evidence for any of that, do you? No? Of course not. It was an act of the purest optimism to even have bothered asking. Who needs evidence when you fact-free conspiracy mongering? And who cares that those predictions never actually come true. They only don’t come true because you predict them and therefore prevent them from being able to carry out their nefarious plans. You’re like the kid who walks around the neighborhood clanging pans together to ward off dragons. The fact that there are no dragons to be found only proves how effective he is!

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