Hannity Goes Full Carnival Barker Mode Over Nunes Memo

Hannity Goes Full Carnival Barker Mode Over Nunes Memo February 5, 2018

The Nunes memo was released on Friday and Trump’s favorite bootlicker, Sean Hannity, went into full carnival barker mode, blowing it so out of proportion that he couldn’t find his way back to reality with a GPS satellite. Seriously, people, it’s the biggest scandal ever!

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Welcome to Hannity. Breaking right now the highly classified FISA abuse memo has now been released and it is absolutely shocking. It is stunning. Now this now is the biggest abuse of power, corruption case in American history. Now, tonight, we have irrefutable proof of a coordinated conspiracy to abuse power by weaponizing and politicizing the powerful tools of intelligence by top-ranking Obama officials against the Trump campaign, against the Constitution, and against your Fourth Amendment rights. They have been deeply shredded by deep state, unelected bureaucrats all in an attempt to influence an election and then undermine a duly elected president. That being President Trump.

This is something that should never happen in the United States of America but it has. We will go line by line through the memo’s findings. It shocks the conscience. It proves that the entire basis for the Russia investigation was based on lies that were bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The Mueller investigation does need to be shut down and the people responsible, who we will name tonight, many need to go to jail.

The biggest abuse of power in American history! No, not the Trail of Tears. Not the lies that got us into the Vietnam War and resulted in the deaths of at least three million people. This — THIS — is the worst thing to happen in all of American history! Throw them in jail! Hang them from a yardarm! Off with their heads! Seriously, what can you do but laugh? This is so utterly disconnected from reality that it’s downright surreal. But this is why they’ve spent so long inoculating their followers against reality, so they can sell them asinine fantasies like this and they just lap it up uncritically.

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