Forget BC and AD. It’s now Before Trump and After Trump.

Forget BC and AD. It’s now Before Trump and After Trump. February 6, 2018

Self-declared “prophet” Johnny Enlow takes to the pages of Charisma News to offer up such an asinine exaggeration in his praise of Donald Trump that your eyes just might roll back into your head and never return to normal. The entire world, he says, will now view all of human history as BT (before Trump) and AT (after Trump). But first, he says this:

I am aware some of my many Hispanic friends and some of my black friends are actually almost scared to death of him and his policies and so I want to acknowledge this reality. He doesn’t ooze with diplomacy or kindness, and with the help of the dominant media, he becomes easy to demonize. I believe that before President Trump is done, black America will consider him the best friend and best president they have ever had. The coming prison reform and inner-city help and attention is going to be a game-changer, as they will see a president who didn’t just talk but is moved to action. Furthermore, I believe the Hispanic community will likewise find a president much more in tune with them than they ever imagined.

That’s so delusional that it’s almost cute. He actually thinks that Trump is going to pass some sort of prison reform that will benefit black people? I’ll take that bet for any amount of money and any odds he’d like to offer. Every single policy he has advocated on criminal justice goes in the exact opposite direction. He has attacked those who want justice reform as anti-American cop-haters. And the notion that Trump is “easy to demonize” is ridiculous and gets it precisely backwards. It is Trump who does the demonizing, including portraying Latino immigrants as murderers and rapists when their rate of violent crime is far lower than American citizens.

So, I want to report to you from a kingdom perspective and not from a political or personal bias and challenge you to consider that perspective above your political or personal bias. If you are a believer who values “seek first the kingdom of God”, you must put your kingdom identity ahead of your race, sex or political identity…

Trump’s God-given assignment is so powerful and extensive that I was shown we will be known nationally as “before Trump” and “after Trump.” In fact, the whole world will be known as “before Trump” and “after Trump.” As a nation, this presidency is being used by God to save us from a systemic “gangrene” of corruption that was so entrenched we would not have survived moving forward. Evil was entrenched in hidden, behind the scenes, power positions that were now humanly impossible to overcome. We needed help, we needed rescuing and God has sounded His Trump and come to the rescue. It is not Trump rescuing us. It is God rescuing us.

I love how he sets himself up as being purely objective here. Hey, I’m just speaking for God, buddy. This isn’t me talking, it’s God. So if you doubt it, you’re doubting God and that’s very wrong. It’s a neat trick, popular with con artists from coast to coast. The praise for Trump from the Christian right, and the ways they’ve managed to convince themselves that he’s going to change everything, save the entire world, is so utterly delusional that I’m left with no words to mock it. It’s just so over-the-top and ridiculous that all the usual adjectives and adverbs seem too weak.

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