Barton: Obama Named Me an Enemy of the State!

Barton: Obama Named Me an Enemy of the State! February 9, 2018

It had been hours, at least, since David Barton had spouted a ridiculous lie and that is apparently just too long for him. So on his Wallbuilders radio show, he blurted out the patently false claim that the Obama administration had declared him to be an “enemy of the state” and a “domestic terrorist.”

As evidence of this, Barton claimed that his group and several other Religious Right organizations were labeled as domestic terrorists by the Obama administration.

“In the Obama administration,” Barton said, “WallBuilders was listed as an enemy of the state and that was part of what was being taught, along with the American Family Association, along with Focus on the Family, along with the Family Research Council, and so we were all on the list as domestic terrorists in the Obama administration.”

That isn’t even in the remotest vicinity of being anything but a lie, which can only mean one thing: Barton’s lips were moving. He and Trump really should have some sort of lie-off to see who can repeat the most lies in a given period of time. I have no idea who would win, but I do know that they are both absolutely pathological liars.

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