Fox News Exec. Makes Inane Argument About Diversity

Fox News Exec. Makes Inane Argument About Diversity February 9, 2018

The Winter Olympics have never had much diversity in this country, owing mostly to cultural and financial factors. But the USOC has taken steps to improve that and this year’s U.S. team is the most diverse ever. For some reason, that really bothers Executive Vice President John Moody, who decided to write a fact-free and ridiculous column about it.

His sole hook for this article is the fact that a USOC official said that this was the most diverse team we’ve ever had. From that slender thread he weaves a tail of “political correctness” run amok and barely manages to keep his bigotry within the acceptable limit for Fox News.

Unless it’s changed overnight, the motto of the Olympics, since 1894, has been “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” It appears the U.S. Olympic Committee would like to change that to “Darker, Gayer, Different.” If your goal is to win medals, that won’t work.

A USOC official was quoted this week expressing pride (what else?) about taking the most diverse U.S. squad ever to the Winter Olympics. That was followed by a, frankly, embarrassing laundry list of how many African-Americans, Asians and openly gay athletes are on this year’s U.S. team. No sport that we are aware of awards points – or medals – for skin color or sexual orientation.

For the current USOC, a dream team should look more like the general population. So, while uncomfortable, the question probably needs to be asked: were our Olympians selected because they’re the best at what they do, or because they’re the best publicity for our current obsession with having one each from Column A, B and C?

Well gosh John, you could probably find out quite easily. With the exception of figure skating, I’m pretty sure every single event at the Winter Olympics, and in the national qualifying events for them, is not judged based on some subjective criteria but by simply keeping track of your time, distance or the final score. That leaves little room for subjectively advancing someone based on something other than that they beat out their opponents to secure a spot on the team, right? That’s called logic. It’s cool. You should look it up sometime.

Or you could just read the article you linked to, which says not one word about picking people to be on the team on the basis of race, gender or sexual orientation. It does talk about providing financing that can help minority athletes get the training they need to be able to compete fairly, which is what you say you want. But you can’t sell that perfectly reasonable idea to Fox News viewers, now can you? So you go off half-cocked on a moronic rant about political correctness.

It’s almost enough to make one question the “affirmative action” culture at Fox News. Maybe it’s time they stopped artificially advancing clueless white guys like you and start hiring minority candidates who can actually think logically and stuff.

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