God Tells Cynthia Dunbar to Run for Congress

God Tells Cynthia Dunbar to Run for Congress February 9, 2018

God may have told Michele Bachmann not to run for Al Franken’s old Senate seat, but he’s apparently been busy talking to Cynthia Dunbar, a Christian dominionists who used to be on the Texas Board of Education but now teaches at Liberty University Law School, to run for Congress in Virginia as part of his grand anti-corruption plan.

A Spirit-filled believer who stands for biblical conservative values, she is also a lawyer and educational advocate. Her run for office came after months of prayer and processing, finally coming to terms with a call on her life to run. In a recent interview, Dunbar shared her personal experience of being on the inside of the political process and what she is learning, especially as an intercessor.

Her biggest surprise, she stated, is the allure of power and the rampant deception at work. Since actively campaigning for office, she has felt the spiritual warfare increase and a growing restlessness in her spirit. One morning in prayer, she heard the Lord respond. “Cynthia, I am about to expose the charlatans. You are going to be surprised at how many there are, and you will be surprised at who some of them are.” His words seemed to confirm her call to run for office, as well as her call to intercession. It was also an urgent reminder for believers to walk in greater discernment and wisdom, as God is doing a deep cleansing work in our nation.

Knowing that the battle is not against flesh and blood, she sees the spiritual ramifications and urges other believers to understand just how real this battle is. “What I have found is that…some of the most subtle deceptions are the deepest.” Citing Proverbs 16:25, Dunbar describes how things may seem right to man, but they actually bring death. She believes many Christians are being fooled by appearances without seeing the deeper issues at stake. “Unless you’re really discerning, you don’t see it. I have been on the inside, and I’ve been shocked at how some of the elected officials pretend to be something they’re not. They are really good at masquerading as angels of light.”

She describes the seduction of power that immediately faces anyone who enters politics. “There’s such a desire for power, that even well-intentioned, good people become so consumed for power and name-recognition that they become Machiavellian [deceitful, unscrupulous], and the end justifies the means.”

Gee, you mean like the ends of getting anti-abortion judges justifies the means of supporting a man with five children by three different women who brags about being a peeping tom on teenage beauty contestants and grabbing women by the pussy? Is that the kind of “ends justifies the means” thinking that God wants you to destroy, Cynthia? Because you might want to have a word with your boss, Jerry Falwell, Jr., who is pretty much attached to Trump’s posterior at this point.

In case you don’t remember Dunbar, she teaches a course called Foundations of Law at the Liberty U. law school that teaches a Christian Reconstructionist vision of America as a Biblical theocracy. She owns a publishing company that puts out blatantly racist history books about Latinos. And like her hero David Barton, she spouts lies about American history, like that ridiculous claim that 94% of the quotes from the founding fathers came from the Bible. So we know she fits in perfectly at Liberty University. Let’s hope she doesn’t make it to Congress.

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