Scott Lively is a Worse Historian than David Barton

Scott Lively is a Worse Historian than David Barton February 9, 2018

Deranged anti-gay bigot and failed Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively wants his fellow wingnuts to start running for office, presumably so they can get less than 1% of the vote like he did. Along the way, he offers up some really, really bad history.

In the Revolutionary War, pastors who joined the Continental Army were called the Black Robed Regiment, and there were many because they understood the need for Godly Leadership to defeat tyranny. Without them we would not have become the first and greatest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world: a nation founded upon the Bible and a Covenental Oath called the Declaration of Independence.

This claim that the Declaration of Independence was a “covenental oath” between the founding fathers and the God of the Bible is laughably ludicrous. The Declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson, for crying out loud, a man who called the God of the bible “cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust.” And the pseudonymous authors of the gospels a “band of dupes and imposters.” And Paul, who wrote the bulk of the New Testament, “the great Coryphaeus, and first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus.” Jefferson rejected the virgin birth, the resurrection, the atonement, the claims of miracles and every other aspect of the mythology of Jesus. He not only rejected the belief that Jesus was divine, he argued that Jesus had never claimed to be anything but a mortal man.

And Lively thinks that Thomas Jefferson wrote a covenant with the God of the Bible? Only someone completely dishonest or completely ignorant would make such a claim.

As a proud member of that regiment, I issue a challenge to every Bible-believing pastor: ARISE BROTHERS! Enter the fray at this critical juncture! Run for political office wherever you are, but especially in places where the Godless Left has the tightest stranglehold. Run to win! But even where that end is unlikely, run sacrificially, willing to govern if God grants the victory, but forcing the adversary to expend resources defending ground they thought was secure. Shun political “norms” and expectations, using your platform to boldly shine the light of the Gospel and Biblical truth into the darkness of the political realm. Bravely defy media mockery and intimidation to give hope and encouragement to every believer, seeker and conservative ally under the yoke of liberal oppression.

In this I am leading by example, running aggressively as a pro-life, pro-constitution conservative against the most popular governor in America (a pro-abortion, anti-family, pork-shoveling Republican) – in ultra-liberal Massachusetts.

Hey, if you want to waste your time and money, knock yourself out. I’ll just be over here pointing and laughing.

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