Sessions: Let Them Eat Aspirin!

Sessions: Let Them Eat Aspirin! February 9, 2018

The federal government’s latest bout of anti-drug hysteria — opioids — is already causing enormous problems for those who suffer from chronic pain, including me. Doctors are terrified to prescribe even norco or vicodin in small amounts in cases where it’s easily justified. And Jeff Sessions thinks people should just take aspirin and tough it out.

On Wednesday, Sessions was in Tampa, touting the Trump administration’s efforts to combat drug abuse and trafficking.

This time, he broadened his suggestion to aspirin.

“I am operating on the assumption that this country prescribes too many opioids,” Sessions said. “People need to take some aspirin sometimes.”…

The remarks followed similar statements Sessions made Tuesday night at a Heritage Foundation event marking the birthday of President Ronald Reagan. Sessions suggested addictions to heroin and other serious drugs start more often with marijuana than opioid prescriptions, according to the online news magazine The Week.

“Sometimes you just need to take two Bufferin or something and go to bed,” the magazine quoted Sessions as saying.

An easy thing for someone who doesn’t suffer from chronic pain to say. Let them eat aspirin! Except in a lot of cases, aspirin is a bad thing for people to take. After surgery, for example, doctors don’t want you to take aspirin because of the risk of bleeding. So what then, Beauregard? Just bite down on a bullet? Look, I know we want to control the flow of these powerful pain medications. When abused, they really can ruin lives. But we have to do that without making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for those who need them and are prescribed them for that reason by a legitimate doctor, to get them.

My brother has had 13 surgeries on his two knees, three on his back and one recently on his shoulder. He probably needs at least one more on his neck to fuse three vertebrae. He’s in more pain every day than I have ever been in my entire life, including when they cut my ribcage open. But he can’t get prescribed anything stronger than norco fives, which barely touch the pain he’s in 24 hours a day, and it’s all because of this big crackdown.

You wanna know what drives the black market? That does. People who can’t get the meds they need to have a decent quality of life while living with chronic pain are forced to turn to the black market to get them, which means they’re no longer getting them under a doctor’s supervision. It means the risk is higher, the price is higher and the turf is controlled through violence. They not only aren’t fixing the problem, they’re making it worse. As usual with these anti-drug freakouts.

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