Corsi: Carter Page was Obama Plant to Undermine Trump

Corsi: Carter Page was Obama Plant to Undermine Trump February 10, 2018

Leave it to birther and Swift Boat Veterans founder Jerome Corsi to come up with yet another conspiracy theory to explain away a problem for his hero Donald Trump. Corsi claims, with no evidence at all of course, that Carter Page was an Obama administration plant to discredit the Trump campaign.

“Carter Page, it does appear, was an FBI asset,” Corsi said. “The interesting possibility is if the FBI had set up some kind of a sting operation where they said to Carter Page, ‘You go get yourself embedded in the Trump organization somehow or other and then at these meetings with Trump, continue to bring up the idea of Russia, Russia, Russia and see if you can’t get them to bite on the idea that you could either produce dirt on Hillary or collusion with Wikileaks to steal emails and swing the election against Hillary.’”

“If he turns out to be an FBI asset planted in the campaign to make this happen,” Corsi added, “you’re going to have an incredible plot which will again reinforce the idea that this was sedition and treason and a massive plot against Donald Trump.”

And why does it “appear” this way? Because Corsi wants it to be true, not because he has any evidence whatsoever for it. All he has to do is paint a scenario, call it an “interesting possibility,” and voila, it magically becomes true. That’s how conspiracy theories work. You don’t have to support them with evidence, you just have to create them and they take on a life of their own. In fact, the lack of evidence, in the fevered minds of the true believers, actually becomes evidence in its favor.

And if they put Page there to justify getting a warrant to wiretap all the other Trump campaign officials to keep tabs on them, why didn’t they actually do that? Trump has full access to every single application for a FISA warrant ever filed by the FBI. If they were listening in on those other than Page, why haven’t they made that public? It would be in Trump’s interests to do so and he has never shown the slightest restraint in doing what is best for him in any situation. Only someone gloriously credulous could believe this one.

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