Christian Right Offers Same Old Lame Excuse for School Shootings

Christian Right Offers Same Old Lame Excuse for School Shootings February 17, 2018

Every time there’s a shooting in a school we get the same tired argument from the Christian right: This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t kicked God out of schools! The latest examples are flowing freely after the massacre in Parkland, Florida. Let’s start with Lucian Wintrich, intrepid White House correspondent for Jim Hoft, the oft-declared dumbest man on the internet.

“Part of it is the lack of community and the lack of the role of the church in modern American society. And I think that the way the left has disparaged that, what they’ve done—and it infuriates me what the left has done these days—is they have demonized Christianity, the church, Jesus Christ, who if you read his teachings, right, it was ‘We’re all brothers. Look out for one another.’ The left has demonized that and then propelled these fringe ways of thinking,” Wintrich said.

He continued, “So previously, we could be as creative as we wanted but we understood morality. We understood who we are functioning under—quite honestly, God, right? I think a lot of especially younger people don’t have that anymore and then that this is what’s driving these shootings.”

“It’s disgusting. It’s absolutely disgusting,” Wintrich said. “The left is to blame. The left is purely to blame.”

Ah yes, the good old days when the government could force kids to pray in schools and everyone was brought up to believe that “we’re all brothers” who should “look out for one another.” Unless you were black, of course. Or gay — which Wintrich is, by the way. Here he is defending this mythical Christian tradition of helping one another while they demonize him. That’s just twisted. Why not just scream THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?

And then there’s Christian con man Rick Joyner, who says that removing (mandatory, government-imposed) prayer from schools opened up a portal to hell that allowed the demons to come through. Seriously.

“There is good spiritual evidence that the Columbine shooting in Colorado years ago opened a gate of hell into our country,” he said. “Gates of hell are access points, they are doorways through which hell gains access to our lives, our families, our churches, our communities. In this case, I think it has been the whole country … When there has been a breakthrough of hell into society, only the church has the spiritual authority to shut that gate of hell.”

“Spiritual evidence.” Whatever the hell that is. Hilarious.

“When prayer was removed from our schools, I believe that was the beginning of the gate of hell, many gates of hell, that are destroying our youth, our families,” Joyner continued. “That had provided a hedge of protection for our students … When prayer was removed from school, we basically said, ‘God, we don’t want you in our schools.’ He said, ‘OK.’”

“He left and the devil filled the vacuum,” Joyner said, adding that only spiritual people are able to see that this shooter probably had “serious demonic problems” and are equipped to deal with the issue.

And yet the United States is the only country that has this problem. So why haven’t all the countries of Europe, where rates of religious belief are far lower and the idea of forcing kids to pray in schools is utterly out of the question, had these same problems? None of this is even remotely logical, of course, but that has never bothered people like Joyner.

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